Kirkin of the Tartans

The Kirkin of the Tartans originated when the Scots were defeated by the English at Culloden in 1745. The British Parliament passed an Act in 1746 forbidding the wearing of tartans and keeping of any Highland ways and culture. Nevertheless the Scots kept their traditions secretly and the kirkin of the tartans took place once a year at a church service where they wore their tartans concealed. During the service the minister touched the tartans and pronounced a blessing on them and the clans they represented. In this way, the Scots confirmed their loyalty and respect for their ancient traditions.
In Argentina the Kirkin o’ Tartans is a thanksgiving service held in March at St. Andrew’s City Church to commemorate the arrival of the “Symmetry” and establishment of the Monte Grande colony in 1825 and those attending this service bring their family tartans to be blessed.