Essay Competition

The St. Andrew’s Society of the River Plate Essay Competition encourages young writers, students from 10 to 17 years old, from all over Argentina and neighbouring countries to use their imagination and writing skills in English. Many prizes are awarded, and winners may even get their essays published on our web site.
The Essay Competition is usually held during the month of June and is divided into categories according to ages. They are:
¦Elementary (10-12)
¦Junior (13-14)
¦Senior (15-17)
The Society sends the information to bilingual schools inviting their students to participate in this event. The essays are written at the respective schools on a given date and then sent for adjudicating to St. Andrew’s Society of the River Plate. Prizes are awarded according to merit.
The essay competition has been held since 1909 and is established as a popular educational event.
The objectives of this competition are to enable young students to compete on equal terms with other students of the same age, provide an exclusive opportunity for schools throughout the country and neighbouring countries to participate in this highly regarded educational event, to promote the use of English as a very important language in today’s world and to encourage students to pursue high academic standards and creative writing.